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10 amazing Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea originates from South Africa,from a plant called Aspalathus linearis.It grows only in the cederberg region,250 km north from Cape Town.The dried leaves of this plant are aromatic ,they have been used as a medicine for a long time.

Many of you might not be too familiar with rooibos tea, as it is not as popular as green tea. Even so, rooibos has plenty of benefits and it is also packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.Some sources claim that it contains up to 40 times more antioxidants than green tea!

The tea is harvested annually and after it is cut into it’s specific form,the tea is bruised to trigger the fermentation.After the oxidation process,the leaves change colour from green to the well known brick red and gets the specific aroma.

Rooibos Tea Benefits

Herbal tea is a world wide popular beverage.The presence of polyphenols in these herbal teas increases the effect they have against oxidative stress. Because it is packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties,it brings many benefits if consumed regularly.

1. lowers stress – induced symptoms.

As it is naturally calming, rooibos helps to reduce the symptoms of stress. It contains compounds that can help to alleviate anxiety and stress by reducing the production of the stress hormone called cortisol.

2. It is rich in polyphenols.

Herbal tea in general, including rooibos tea have a protective effect against oxidative stress. This is mainly due to the polyphenols present in this beverage.

3. Contains No caffeine

Rooibos Tea is naturally caffeine free and it contains a low percentage of tannins.This makes this tea an ideal drink for children and pregnant women

4. Protects the body against heart diseases

This tea contains powerful antioxidants like polyphenols, particularly flavonoids.they help to fight against free radicals and help to protect the body against heart diseases. It also helps in lowering blood pressure,which is a great natural remedy for people suffering from hypertension.

5. Improves Bone Health

Drinking rooibos tea helps in promoting strong and healthy bones and teeth due to the content of minerals. The main minerals to help with bone health are manganese,calcium and fluoride.

6. Helps with Skin Care

Used on the skin,this tea can soothe irritations, similar to chamomile tea.Rooibos is often used to bath babies and children who suffer from allergic skin conditions like eczema, nappy rash.

7. Soothes Stomach Cramps

Rooibos tea helps in relieving, spasms and abdominal pains. It has a soothing effect especially for babies suffering from colic, stomach cramps and restlessness. It is ideal to drink before a meal to prevent cramps and help with digestion.

8. Delays Aging

According to this report on rooibos tea, approved by U.S Embassy,an important role of its proponents, polyphenols and other antioxidants are useful for delaying the aging process.

9. Contains Rare Nutrients

As an extra benefit, rooibos has a high content of minerals like Iron, Potassium,Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese and Sodium.They help to restore the body’s natural balance and boost the immune system.

10. Can Be Used For Cooking

Rooibos tea is a great ingredient to use in the kitchen. It brings colour and flavour to the dishes and it makes a perfect base for soups.

The properties of rooibos tea makes it a perfect drink for :

✓ Headaches

✓ Insomnia

✓ Asthma symptoms

✓ Eczema

✓ Bone weakness

✓ Hypertension

✓ Aging

✓ Stomach Cramps

✓ Immune system.

Written by,

Nguhemen Fiona Kpagh.

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