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Shop Rooibos Tea..why should I drink Rooibos Tea?

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How a local infusion became a global sensation.

Rooibos is becoming a quick favourite here at Hafiksworld Teas.You honestly cannot go wrong between its robust and refreshing flavour to its incredible, medicinal properties.Delicious hot or iced, plain or flavoured,red or green,this versatile tea should be a staple in your pantry. Check out our flavourful selection of rooibos teas to discover your new favourite brew.

Initially, Rooibos was only seen as a medicinal beverage or a healthier alternative to other tea types.Now,it is viewed as a delicious caffeine- free beverage for everyday enjoyment.Red rooibos is Loved for its smoky yet sweet flavour profile.It is often described as nutty with notes of caramel and vanilla and is often compared to hibiscus and yerba mate teas.

As mentioned previously, rooibos is used in many cosmetic products.This usage is due to alpha hydroxy acid and Zinc,two minerals found in rooibos.Alpha hydroxy acid is one of the main ingredients in chemical peels and can help reduce wrinkles.Zinc is known to help with the appearance of acne and eczema.In addition to healthy glowing skin, rooibos has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation and relieve aches and pains,such as stomach cramps or arthritis,many people drink rooibos tea to prevent or alleviate allergy symptoms,much like antihistamine, rooibos has bioactive flavonoids that work to block mast cells responsible for releasing histamine,if you are like me and have horrible allergies, then rooibos is a must have.While there can be many benefits to drinking rooibos tea,we are not doctors.There might be alot of information found on how rooibos tea can support a healthy lifestyle.However,there is still little evidence that would support tea being a medical replacement. We highly recommend you contact your doctor concerning health matters.

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