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Tea is probably not your first thought when thinking about asthmatic relief; however, there is a tea that can do wonders for asthmatics.Rooibos tea,yes you read that right, the red leaf plant is a natural relief for asthmatics.For those who aren’t asthmatic, rooibos tea still packs a bunch of benefits you can check out on our amazing tea company website (hafiksworld.ng) including allergy relief.

You may be wondering how exactly rooibos tea can aid in asthma relief and how factual these claims are.

A friend of mine tested this claim during a time of need.First the facts, rooibos tea is rich in flavonoids,one in particular chrysoeriol that produces the same effect of relaxing, opening and dilating airways as common asthma and allergy medicines.While wheezing or experiencing tightness in the chest, rooibos is able to relax those muscles within just a few moments of drinking a cup.

Like most asthmatics are prone to a flare-up or minor attack during certain times of the year and seasons.One summer a friend of mine said,he was visiting a friend of his for a week who had two dogs,his allergies started to cause his asthma to flare-up and he started to feel tightness in his chest along with wheezing.He didn’t have any inhalers at hand but happened to have taken some tea with him since tea was a regular part of his daily routine.He had obviously heard of rooibos aiding in asthma but never tested it,So he decided to make a cup and BAM just like that, only about halfway through the tea his wheezing had subsided and nostrils began to unclog!

So asthmatics,hit this amazing tea company (hafiksworld) and get you some rooibos! The miracle tea is also caffeine free, making it a safe choice to share with kids and for pregnant women.Grab a cup,take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air ..

Written by,

Nguhemen Fiona Kpagh.

Rooibos Tea @hafiksworld

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