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BLACK, HERBAL OR GREEN? How To Pick The Right Tea For Yourself.


Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world after water according to a report.While new and unique tea flavours have emerged, traditional green, black and herbal teas remain popular.

Green tea aids in weight loss,improves cardiovascular health, relieves stress and promotes clear skin.Black tea supports heart health,boosts energy and improves oral health.

Comfort in a cup,a drink to unwind,a morning beverage,a remedy for cold,a partner for late- night conversations, tea has different meanings for everyone.

While the significance often varies depending on the individual,the universal goal is to experience warmth, freshness and a touch of affection.

Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world, right behind water, according to the report from the International Institute of Sustainable Development.”Given the enormous popularity of tea, various new tea kinds include purple cranberry green tea, apple cinnamon tea, Kaffir lime tea and moringa tea amongst others have emerged,proving to be a delight for tea lovers,”Shalini Sinha, founder of the infused kettle said.

While these new tea kinds are certainly fascinating,the traditional green, black and herbal tea remains irreplaceable,with each boasting unique qualities that can make choosing the right one for yourself a challenging task.

Let’s delve into the qualities of green tea,black tea and herbal tea to help you choose the best.

√ Green Tea

One of the healthiest beverages,has long been revered for it’s therapeutic benefits.Due to the presence potent antioxidants like catechins which are known for their capacity to accelerate metabolism, green tea aids in weight loss and improves cardiovascular health.

√ Black Tea

Theaflavins,a kind of polyphenols found exclusively in black tea,are what distinguishes it from other types of tea.By reducing blood cholesterol and the risk of major cardiac diseases, theaflavins supports optimum heart health.

Moreover, black tea has almost half the amount of caffeine found in coffee as well as L-theanine,an amino acid that naturally improves alertness and increases energy.

Additionally,this magical combination works wonders in enhancing mental clarity and cognitive function.

In addition to boosting energy, black tea also lessons plaque development and limits bacterial growth by suppressing the bacteria that causes cavities,the polyphenols present in it prevents the development of bacteria enzymes that produces the glue-like substance that binds plaque to our teeth.

Thus, if you want to keep your oral and cardiovascular health in good shape, black tea is the way to go.

√ Herbal Tea

Considering the lifestyle of modern day people, herbal tea is no less than a blessing providing specific benefits including effective digestion, detoxification and weight loss.In addition to keeping the body healthy due to its high antioxidant, mineral and vitamin content,it also promotes relaxation, recovery and mental rejuvenation .

Apart from refreshing the mind, herbal tea is a perfect detoxifying beverage that lets the toxins out of your body, leaving you feeling light and refreshed.Moreover, herbal tea’s anti-inflammatory properties aids in treating arthritis, headaches, hemorrhoids and gastrointestinal pain.

Therefore, herbal tea is the beverage for individuals looking for a way to reduce stress, eliminate inflammation and detoxify their bodies.

How then do you pick the right tea for yourself?

• Find your kind!

A source of solace,tea is certainly the perfect idea of bliss but choosing the right one comes down to your unique needs and preferences.Black tea offers a robust and nutritious kick, herbal tea offers cleansing and other wellness advantages and green tea promises a light and refreshing experience.While each of them is unique in its own way,you must consider the distinctive needs of your body and select the one that best fits you.

• Taste Preference

Begin by considering your taste preference.Do you enjoy a mellow, earthy flavour (green tea),a bold and robust taste (black tea) or the diverse, aromatic options of herbal tea? your palate plays a crucial role in your tea selection.

• Caffeine Sensitivity

If you’re sensitive to caffeine or prefer to limit your intake, herbal teas are your best bet.Green tea has moderate caffeine content while black tea contains the most caffeine among these options.

• Health Benefits

Consider the potential health benefits of each type.Green tea is praised for its antioxidant properties, black tea for its heart health benefits and Herbal teas for their calming and soothing effects ..

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